Here are a few of the questions we often receive:


What is an RFE?

A Request for Evidence (RFE) is sent to you when USCIS feels that you have submitted insufficient evidence to approve your case.  The RFE will state a specific time limit for you to respond.  You  must comply with that time limit.  We can help you collect and prepare additional evidence in a timely and expedient manner, so that you present the best possible case within the allotted time.

I received an Intent to Deny.  What does it mean?

If you received an Intent to Deny, it means that USCIS has decided to deny your petition or application, unless you can convince them that your case should be approved.  Often this is the result of a consular officer’s interview of your spouse or fiance who is still overseas.  If the consular officer believe that your fiance or spouse should not receive a visa, the case is sent back to the United States for review and an Intent to Deny is usually issued.

You must respond to your Intent to Deny within the allotted time limit.  We have succeeded many times at convincing the USCIS to reconsider the Intent to Deny and approve the application or petition.  Call today to discuss your circumstances and the possibilities for your case.

How long does it take?

Truthfully, that depends on many things.  The complexity of your case, the type of visa you are seeking, and the particular office that will adjudicate your petition or application are all unpredictable factors.

I saw a “discount” immigration offer online.  What does “forgo the ongoing representation” mean?

Discount houses will send you immigration forms and offer limited advice about completing them.  They often do not provide ongoing representation — in other words, they will not help you if you get into difficulty along the way.  I take your case from beginning to end.  I explain your choices and possibilities, I answer your questions, and I go to court with you if necessary.  That’s why my clients refer others to me!

I can do this myself.  Just send me the forms.

Some of my best clients are those who try the “DIY” route first.  If you decide to be your own immigration lawyer, I commend your courage and wish you luck.  One of the discount houses will be happy to provide you with forms.

How much do you charge?

You immigration case is important to you and to me.  I will work with you to set a fee for my services which is fair to both of us.  I charge an initial consultation fee of $150.00 for up to one hour of my time.  If you choose to retain me to represent you in your immigration matter, the consultation fee is applied toward my fee for services.

What are my chances of winning?

No attorney can guarantee or predict the outcome of your case.  However, I will work diligently with you to identify the issues and obstacles to be overcome and together we will decide on the best strategy for your case.  You get my full attention and effort because I take pride in my work and personal reputation.  I never take more cases than I can handle at any time.  I look forward to meeting and working with you!