Eduardo & Juana Reunited

Eduardo & Juana Reunited

Eduardo was born in Colombia.  He immigrated to the USA with his family as a child and later became a US citizen.  Eduardo started his own company in Chicago and was successfully operating his business when he met Juana.

Juana came to the USA to visit some friends in Chicago and she and Eduardo started to date.  While they were dating, Juana’s Visitor Visa expired.  She filed for an extension of her visa, which was granted by USCIS.

After several months, Eduardo proposed to Juana and they were married in Chicago.  A year and a half later their first child, Sara, was born.

Eduardo could not have been happier.  His business was doing well and he had wonderful wife and healthy daughter.

Eduardo thought that since he and Juana were married, she was permitted to live in the USA indefinitely.  Eduardo did not consult an immigration attorney.  He did not know that he had to file certain U.S. Immigration forms for her.

One day, Eduardo realized that Juana’s visa had been expired for more than a year.  He went to the local USCIS office to see what he should do.  The USCIS officer gave him an I-130 form to complete.  He also told Eduardo that Juana would have to leave the USA.  She would have to return to Colombia and apply for an Immigrant Visa.

Eduardo looked at the I-130 form and decided it was simple enough to complete by himself.  He filed the I-130 on his own without an immigration attorney and waited for the interview to be scheduled in Colombia.

When Juana went to her interview in Colombia, the interviewer noted that Juana had stayed in the USA for over a year after her visitor visa expired.  The fact of Juana’s marriage to Eduardo made no difference under Immigration law.  Juana was denied an Immigrant Visa and now was barred from entering the United States for ten years.

Eduardo was devastated.   He had to return to the USA alone to run his business, leaving his wife and daughter in Colombia.

When Eduardo was referred to me, he was distraught.  He did not know what he was going to do without his wife and daughter. He was so depressed that he was not eating, and had become unable to take care of his clients.

First, I encouraged Eduardo to get help for his depression.  I explained to him exactly why Juana was barred from the United States, and suggested that she might qualify for a special waiver.  Then we began to prepare and assemble the documentation for Juana’s case.  When all was ready, we petitioned the USCIS for a waiver of the 10-year bar that had been imposed against Juana.

At last, the waiver was approved and Juana was permitted to immigrate to the USA to reunite with her spouse.  Eduardo, Juana and Sara are now living the American dream together.

We understand that your immigration problem is a life problem.  Our goal is to work as hard as we can to make your life’s dreams come true.

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