Jane Protected by Violence Against Women Act

Jane Protected by Violence Against Women Act

Jane was born in the Netherlands and met Benjamin when he was on a trip there in the summer.  After Benjamin returned to the United States, they corresponded by letters and phone calls. Soon Benjamin invited Jane to visit him.  Jane came to the USA on a visa waiver for a two week vacation.  Benjamin convinced her to stay longer and after several months they were married.

While they dated, Benjamin was the perfect gentleman and Jane was deeply in love with him. Jane knew that she and Benjamin needed to file some immigration applications and she mentioned this to him.  He said,  “Of course! We will file them as soon as we receive our tax refund.”

When the refund came, Benjamin needed to use that money to fix his boat instead of paying the filing fees. He told Jane that they would when he received his next pay bonus.

Jane began to worry because her visa had long expired.  She asked Benjamin again about filing the necessary immigration applications.  Now Benjamin told her that he could not afford to file them.  He became very angry whenever she brought up her immigration concerns. 

Jane could not work because she did not have employment authorization.  She tried to explain that if she could work, she could help out financially.  Benjamin told her he did not want her working.  He then threatened that if she kept asking, he would call USCIS and have her deported.

A few weeks later, Jane discovered she was pregnant and knew that they would need extra money for the baby.   Jane told Benjamin about the new baby, and his behavior now became even more controlling.

Now Benjamin would not let Jane call home to talk with her family or friends.  When he heard her speaking Dutch with friends she had in the USA, he would make her switch to English. 

One day, when Benjamin heard Jane speaking Dutch on the telephone, he grabbed the phone out of her hand, knocked her down and hung up the phone.  Jane began to sob and Benjamin yelled at her to stop.  He stormed out of the house. 

Jane was afraid and decided to go stay with some friends.  She looked for her passport and realized that Benjamin had taken it.

When Jane contacted me, her relationship with her spouse had totally disintegrated and she did not know what to do.  I told her I believed she could file for Permanent Residence on her own, based on the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).  We spent the next several months preparing Jane’s case in complete confidentiality.  We worked hard to document every detail and comply with every requirement of U.S. Immigration law. 

And our hard work paid off!  When we presented her case to USCIS, it was approved without the need for Benjamin’s consent.   Jane is now pursuing her profession as a nurse and raising her son in the USA.

Jane’s tragic story was transformed into victory by careful planning and the help of a competent, experienced immigration attorney.

No matter what your circumstances are, your case receives my personal attention and care. I take pride in building your case into the strongest possible presentation for Immigration authorities.  And I look forward to counting you among my successes!

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